Access To Clean Water - Malawi

In the villages of Malawi, high infant and child mortality are attributed to water and sanitation related diseases and these problems are only exacerbated by a lack of knowledge about proper hygiene.


Our contributions enable the installation of wells and water pumps.  These are all that is needed to reduce deaths from water-borne diseases through supplying clean, and disinfected water.

Access to a Clean Toilet - Malawi

Envision not having any access to a toilet or any form of sanitation facility ever! Many families living in the remote areas of Malawi and Zambia face such predicaments and often suffer from poor health and diseases due to the lack of proper and hygienic sanitation. With your support, we helped to decrease the incidence of sickness and keep families alive by building a toilet for one person who will have access to it for the first time!

Provide Vegetable Seeds to Prevent Hunger - Cambodia

One of the biggest barriers to our girls attending school is their immediate need for food. When a family is hungry, the search for food becomes their main priority and children spend their days either working or searching the forest for food. With your support, we have made an impact by supplying seeds so a family can grow their own vegetable gardens. This will supply a family with enough food for their home, and sometimes extra to sell at local markets for profit.

Building a New Classroom - Kenya

Improve the learning environment for students who are desperate for an education by buying bricks to build a new classroom. Many classrooms in Kenya remain extremely overcrowded, often catering up to 100 students per class, reducing the effectiveness of education. Contribution to this project will increase the level of engagement between teachers and students, enabling these students to learn better and develop into well-educated and responsible adults in the future.

We chose this project to support with our attendance at the B2B Marketing Show in March 2018 and gave a real brick to the project for every Lego brick placed by a visitor in our Lego school model.  We donated 1000 bricks following this event and have now commited to help raise the rest of the funds required for the classroom project near Kisumu, Kenya.


We made a time lapse video of the model being built shared here.